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Toll Free Service

New Toll-Free Number for Information and Health Awareness Center
The Ministry of Health has assigned a toll-free number specially for Information and Health Awareness Center in order to facilitate access to reliable health information, obtained from certified sources, for the society. Several qualified specialists will respond to queries received through the toll-free phone during official working hours, from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.. The toll-free phone provides scientific information that serve various health sectors of MOH and other media entities.

Moreover, the toll-free phone will have other features like saving voice messages with health information that covers most of the most prevalent health problems in the society, in addition to the updates about various health topics. The objective of this service is to provide the caller with information during non-working hours.

For this service, please contact 8002494444
Information and Health Awareness Center
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|Last Update: 25 April 2017 03:08 PM