First Aid

Eye Injury


It is often not possible to identify the severity of eye injury, as some problems such as retinal detachment can be diagnosed only by a doctor. Some eye injuries may lead to elevated intraocular pressure or minor bleeding that can only be determined and controlled after having severe eye damage, which may cause loss of vision. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a doctor even if the injury is minor. 

Common Causes of Eye Injuries:
  • Punches in the eye.
  • A blow to the eye by hands or other objects such as a ball or other sports tools while exercising. 
  •  Penetration of volatile parts into your eyes during work, explosions or fireworks.
  • Chemical exposure.  

If you notice any of these signs after an eye injury, you should go to a doctor immediately, as they indicate a serious eye injury:
  • Persistent eye pain.
  • Vision problem.
  • Torn eyelid.
  • On eye movement not like the other. 
  • Proptosis in one eye. 
  • Changes in the shape of the pupil.
  • Blood in the eye. 
  • Presence of foreign body in the eye. 

Scratched Eye:
Eye scratches are most often caused by a child, a pet, or during sports. The person can feel the symptoms immediately, and the condition may worsen after several hours.

Symptoms of Scratched Eye:
  • Eye pain.
  • Feeling like something stuck in your eye.
  • The scratched cornea, convex layer of the eye, can cause blurred vision.
The scratch may also cause headache or sensitivity to light.

Treatment of Scratched Eye:
  • Most eye scratches are minor and will heal on their own in a few days, but should be checked by a doctor.
  • If there is severe eye pain or vision problems go to emergency.
Your doctor may prescribe eye drops, such as antibiotic drops with corticosteroids, or moisturizing eye drops to reduce inflammation and scars. However, eye drops should not be used without a doctor consultation and prescription. 

First Aid for Scratched Eye:
  • Do rinse your eye with saline solution or clean water.
  • Do blink, blinking can help get rid of small bits of dust or sand in your eye.
  • Don't touch your eye with anything, rubbing it with your hands won't help remove any foreign objects and could hurt your eye ​more. 
  • Don't wear contact lenses. Wearing your contact lenses will slow the healing process and could cause complications.
  • Don't use redness-relieving eye drops, which can be painful and they won’t help you heal any faster.

If your eye is sensitive to light because of the scratch, sunglasses will make you more comfortable. 

First Aid for Most of Eye Injuries:
For a Blow to the Eye:
  • Gently apply cold compress to relieve pain and swelling.
  • Don't put pressure on the eye.
  • If there is severe pain or vision problems go to emergency right away.
  • Don't neglect the eye blows because a light blow can cause retinal detachment and loss of vision.  

For cuts or Puncture:
  • Apply a clean protective cover on your eye until you are able to see a doctor. 
  • Avoid putting pressure on the eye protective covering. 
  • Avoid rinsing the eye with water.
  • Avoid removing anything stuck in the eye.
  • Avoid rubbing your eye or putting pressure on it. 
  • Do not take aspirin, or any anti-inflammatory drugs, as it will increase bleeding.
  • Go to emergency or see your doctor right away. 

For Chemical Burns:
  • Immediately wash out the eye with clean water.
  • Identify the chemical and inform your doctor, some chemicals hurt the eye more than others. 
  • See your doctor right away. 

First Aid for all Eye Injuries:
  • Don't touch, rub or put pressure on the eye.
  • Don't try to remove any object stuck in the eye.
  • Don't apply ointment or medicine to the eye without a prescription.
  • Don't use eye drops without a prescription, as they may increase pain, or may lead to complications.

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