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MOH Apps for Smartphones
Main App:

The Apps of the Ministry of Health (MOH) for smartphones have been developed with a view to reaching all users; enabling them to access all MOH information and services through their smartphones. Furthermore, the MOH Main Appl provides numerous e-services for smartphone users. They can also get an overview about the Ministry, including its vision, mission and values, aside from the MOH news and world health days. Besides, users can add events to the calendar, view what is new on the MOH Portal, and contact information. That is to be added to the MOH apps for smartphones and a link to the MOH Portal. Over and above, users can benefit from several e-services, such as the Transactions Inquiry Service, which enables user to inquire about the e-transactions, and the Payment Orders Inquiry Service, provided by the Ministry for companies contracting with it, enabling these companies to enquire the Payment orders offered to the company over a certain period of time.

E-Directory App:
The E-Directory App is aimed to enable smartphone users to search the website and locate MOH facilities. Users can view the list of governmental hospitals, health centers, rehabilitation centers, and dialysis centers throughout the Kingdom's regions and cities. The health facility can be searched for by its name, the name of the nearest facility to the place where the user is, or the facility located at a given distance from the user. The application, besides, provides information about the number of beds in a given hospital, as well as the contact number of the facility, in order that the user could directly contact the facility via his smartphone.
And by appointing a certain health facility as one of the “Favorites”, it would be added to a preset list of facilities to be reached easily later on, without the need to search for the facility each time. Whereas the “Driving” feature allows the user to navigate the way to the facility from his place, by drawing a path on the interactive maps available on smartphones, showing how to reach the needed hospital or health center, and guiding the user all through in a feasible way. 

Citizen’s Voice App:
The “Citizen’s Voice” App has been designed for smartphones as an extension of the “Citizen’s Voice Service” offered on the MOH Portal. It aims to give voice to citizens and residents, and to make it heard by MOH officials. It covers: complaints, enquiries, suggestions and thanks. Through this app, users can submit a new report, along with attachments (if any). They can also view the list of reports sent by them, check the status of each report, receive a response to it, and then confirm that it is done. And in case the report is confirmed done, the user can rate the service offered by the application, to measure his satisfaction.
In addition, the list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) could be viewed by the app to get the desired information easily.
Complaints and suggestions have been linked automatically to the concerned departments, thus ensuring the fast delivery of messages to the concerned body, and enabling users to follow up the messages until they receive responses. The period of getting a response must not exceed three working days, varying according to the topic. And in case of the delay of response, the message will be automatically referred to higher officers. And once responded to by the concerned department, the message will be marked done by the concerned employee. An SMS and email are sent to the citizen (complainant) at each of the complaint phases to keep them informed of its progress.

The Children’s Vaccination Reminder App:
“The Children’s Vaccination Reminder App” aims to remind parents of the dates of basic vaccinations against the diseases targeted by vaccination, according to the new MOH Vaccination Schedule. Reminders of the vaccination date are sent via the reminder service available on smartphones a week prior to the vaccination date. The app enables users, also, to manage children's information, view the vaccination list of each child, and follow up its vaccinations.

 EBHCApp.jpgEBHC Guidelines Mobile App: 
The MOH Evidence-Based Health Care (EBHC) Mobile App. is meant to help clinicians implement these guidelines in all hospitals and health care centers and provide the standardized healthcare for patients.
If you have any suggestions or inquiries about MOH Apps for Smartphones, kindly send them to the following e-mail: portal-support@moh.gov.sa
In your point of view, which points of the following MOH Apps for Smartphones have contributed the most to improving the performance level of the provided services?

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