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MOH Apps for Smartphones
​«Sehhaty» App:
«Sehhaty» is an application providing various health services for all individuals in KSA. These services include testing for COVID-19, appointment booking, medicine search, medicine list, sick leave, e-prescription, infection preventio​n & control, dependent service, biomarkers, and school screening.صحه/id1205814003?mt=8

​​«Mawid» App:
The E-Appointment «Mawid» App enables patients to book their appointments in primary healthcare centers in coordination with the concerned department. Hence, patients can book, amend or cancel their appointments at any hospital where they were referred through a seamless channel offered by this App. ​موعد/id1295059205?mt=8
«Tawakkalna» App:
«Tawakkalna» App is developed to show the health status of its users through colored codes at the highest degree of safety and privacy. The App also allows individuals to contribute to breaking the chain of infection by reporting infected cases or gatherings that violate the adopted precautionary measures.​صحه/id1205814003?mt=8
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«Tabaud» App:
«Tabaud» App is one of technical solutions, develop​ed to track Coronavirus spread. The App allows its users to know if they had contact with people confirmed to be infected with Coronavirus. Also, it sends proactive notifications to users, if any confirmed cases is detected through the App. during the past fourteen days, while maintaining data confidentiality.​صحه/id1205814003?mt=8
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Health Volunteering App:
The ‘Health Volunteering Application’ (HVA) aims to facilitate volunteers' access to volunteering opportunities. It also allows them to participate in multiple initiatives that match their fields and skills. The application enables volunteers to view their personal accounts and monitor their achievements. It also facilitates communication and access to volunteer opportunities.صحه/id1205814003?mt=8
«Eshara» App:
Sign Language «Eshara» App. provides MOH's services for the deaf and people with hearing impairment. It includes several services including general inquiries, booking appointments at health centers, obtaining medical consultation service, in addition to many other services provided around the clock.موعد/id1295059205?mt=8
«Qareboon» App:
«Qareboon» App aims to offer mental text counseling supervised by a specialized staff. It also features an integrated library that contains countless information on mental health, with the latest modern methods, such as text materials, infographics, and visual (video) content.صحه/id1205814003?mt=8
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MOH Formulary App:
MOH Formulary App. provides pharmaceutical information easily and at high speed for health practitioners through their smart phones using iOS or Android platforms. The App users can learn about all types of approved medications, their properties, side effects, protocols, regulations and laws related to them, as well as benefiting from research services offered by the Formulary. It also provides easy-to-understand patient-oriented information on various healthcare domains.صحه/id1205814003?mt=8

«Mawared» App:​
The Enterprise Resource Planning «Mawared» App is designed to provide official self-services to MOH’s staff. The App serves as the single official channel to apply for all types of leaves, including annual, sick and casual. Through this App., MOH’s staff will be able to submit their applications for office resumption, assignments...etc.موارد-mawared/id1260292474?mt=8

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