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Freedom of Access to Information (ATI) Policy

​​​​​​​​​What is freedom of information?

Freedom of Information means the process of providing public data to individuals for a fee. This includes unprotected public information processed by MOH, regardless of source, form or nature. Open data is part of public information. 

Who is entitled to request information?
  • The individual is entitled to know the information related to the activities of MOH. This aims to reinforce the system of integrity, transparency, and accountability.  
  • Each individual is entitled to access (unprotected) public information. It is not necessary for the applicant to have a certain status or interest in such information in order to have access thereto. The applicant also shall not be subject to any legal accountability related to such a right. 
  • Dealing with all requests to access/obtain public information shall be on the basis of equality and non-discrimination between individuals. 
  • All restrictions on requests to access/obtain protected information received, produced, or dealt with by MOH shall be justified clearly and frankly.  
Rights of individuals to access/obtain public information:
  • Right to access/obtain all unprotected information of MOH.
  • Right to know the reason for refusal to access/obtain the requested information.
  • Right to appeal against refusal to access/obtain the requested information.  
Information that may and may not be requested:
This policy may be applicable to all requests to access unprotected information produced by MOH, regardless of source, form or nature, with the purpose of enhancing work performance and efficiency and utilizing data. 
The provisions of this policy may not be applicable to protected information such as:
  • Information the disclosure of which would harm the national security, policy, interests, or rights of the state. 
  • Military and security information.
  • Information and documents obtained by virtue of an agreement with another state and classified as protected.
  • Inquiries, investigations, seizures, searches, and surveillance related to a crime, violation, or threat. 
  • Information that includes recommendations, suggestions, or consultations for issuing not-yet-released government legislations or resolutions.  
  • Information of a commercial, industrial, financial, or economic nature, the disclosure of which would lead to unlawful profit or loss aversion. 
  • Scientific/ technical research or intellectual property rights the disclosure of which would lead to infringement of a moral right.   
  • Information related to competitions, bids and auctions, the disclosure of which prejudices the fairness of competition. 
  • Information that is confidential or personal under another system, or requires certain statutory procedures to access/obtain. 
Processing time:
  • MOH processes the application and informs the applicant within 30 days of receipt.  
  • The individual shall be provided with the requested information within 10 working days of application receipt.  
  • If MOH decides to extend, the applicant shall be responded to within at most 30 additional days, depending on the volume and nature of the requested information.   
  • In the event of an appeal, the applicant shall file an appeal within 10 working days of receiving the decision of MOH.  
Policy statement:
  • Main requirements for requests to access/obtain public information:
  • The application shall be in writing or electronic. 
  • A MOH-approved “Public Information Request Form” shall be filled in.
  • The application purpose shall be to access/obtain public information.  
  • The application shall be sent to MOH directly. 
Main steps for requesting access to public information:
  • Applications shall be submitted to MOH by filling in an electronic or paper “Public Information Request Form.”
  • Within a specified period (30 days) of application receipt, MOH makes one of the following decisions: 
  • Approval: If the public authority approves the request to access/obtain information in whole or in part, the individual shall be notified of the applicable fees in writing or electronically. MOH shall render such information available to the individual within a period not exceeding ten (10) working days from receiving the amount. It is worth mentioning that a fee shall be applicable to requested (closed) public data. 
  • Refusal: If the request to access/obtain information is rejected, the refusal shall be submitted in writing or electronically including the following information: 
  • Specification whether the refusal is in whole or in part.
  • Reasons for refusal, if possible.
  • Right to appeal and method of practice. 
  • Extension: If the ATI request cannot be processed on time, MOH shall extend the response period reasonably depending on the volume and nature of the requested information, and provide the individual with the following information:  
o Extension notice and the expected date of application completion.
o Reasons for the delay.

Notice: If the requested information is available on MOH website, or is not within the jurisdiction thereof, the individual shall be notified of this in writing or electronically, provided that the notice includes the following information:
  • Type of notice, for example, whether the requested data are available on MOH website or not within the jurisdiction thereof. 
  • If the individual wishes to appeal against MOH rejection, he/she may submit a written or electronic notification of appeal to MOH office within at most (10) working days of receiving the public authority decision. The Committee of Appeal at the Office of Data and Privacy Management shall review the application, make the appropriate decision, and notify the individual of the review fees (fees shall be refunded if the committee approves the request) and the appeal decision. 
Help and support:
For further inquiries and assistance, kindly contact ​us via e-mail​​​.

Application for open data:
Please send an e-mail stating: (applicant’s name, mobile number, application details), and a response will be made within 10 working days via e-mail​​

Alternative ways to access open data:
Available open data can be obtained directly by visiting MOH or one of the branches thereof during working hours, from Sunday to Thursday 8:00 am-2:00 pm.
For Service Level Agreement (SLA) information, please view SLA document.

Contact the privacy and data Team: e-mail​​​

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