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Contact the Minister
His Excellency the Minister of Health, May Allah protect him, is so keen to communicate with citizens and the public; in an endeavor to take care of their interests and meet their healthcare needs. Therefore, His Excellency has dedicated the following different means of communication:
  • Minister's Office:
    Ministry of Health's (MOH) Headquarter in Riyadh, First Tower (Northeast Tower on Prince Abdurrahman bin Abdul Aziz Street), behind the old MOH's Headquarter.

To ensure receiving your e-mails, please make sure that they contain the following information:
  • Sender’s full legal name.
  • ID number.
  • Landline or mobile phone number.
  • E-mail.
  • Region or city name.
Kindly note the following:
  • E-mails should be free of any indecent expressions or inappropriate language.
  • If the e-mail subject is a complaint or a problem, all aspects of the problem must be mentioned, along with requests for action. Related documents or copies of them should be attached, if available.






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