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Health Minister's Speech on the Occasion of the Saudi National Day 2016
With the grace of Allah, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, since its foundation, has witnessed civilizational achievements which reflected its endeavor to make citizen’s building the main pillar of the development of the country, a matter which obligated all of us to exert every possible efforts to preserve such achievements, in order for our present and future generations to reap the fruits planted by the loyal sons of this country. 
On commemorating our National Day, we try to summon all the values, concepts, and sacrifices which accompanied the building of this colossal entity. As such, Of Allah's grace is that He singled out the Kingdom with prudent leadership that sought and is still seeking to elevate this country and its citizens to the highest levels. Thus, since its founding and till this blooming and auspicious reign, the Kingdom witnessed huge, developmental renaissance in all the diverse life fields: medical, economic, educational, social, and cultural fields. Such inclusive development provided the citizen with a decent life, and made other states look upon the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in admiration and appreciation for its leadership and its regional, Arab, and international prestigious role.
Proceeding from their keen interest in the citizen's health and safety, and as part of a comprehensive vision developed by the Rulers, aiming at maintaining a bright future for our dear country, the health services, like other services, have been attached special importance and support by the rulers, May Allah protect them.
Thus, this positively mirrored in terms of achieving plans and programs of the Ministry of Health (MOH), aiming at improving performance and patient's service, raising the efficiency of health professionals and those working in the health field, controlling diseases, and early detecting them.
While commemorating our National Day, we must stand today in honor and esteem to recall the glories of foundation and summon the marathon of development through which the Kingdom, thanks to Almighty Allah and then the founding leader; King Abdul Aziz bin Abdurrahman Al Saud, may Allah rest his soul in peace and the coherence of his people, was able to go beyond circumstances and overcome challenges and devised for itself a prestigious and deserved place among the world developed countries, in a short span of time. 
In drawing my speech to a close, I pray for Allah Almighty to perpetuate the grace of security and safety for our country, and guide the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, HRH the Crown Prince, and HRH the Deputy Crown Prince, May Allah protect them, to all that pleases Him.
Minister of Health,
Tawfig bin Fawzan Al-Rabiah
Last Update : 25 September 2016 02:14 PM
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