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​​​​​Those wishing to work for the Ministry of Health (MOH) can register on MOH Recruitment Portal, or visit the E-Recruitment Platform «Jadara»​. It is an e-service provided by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development; to help citizens seeking for jobs by allowing them to register in the program and apply for such jobs, verify all candidates’ qualifications, and ensure their eligibility for the jobs they are applying for.

Recruitment Plan:
MOH works to develop a competitive advantage through the quality and efficiency of its human resources; in terms of providing jobs within a particular time frame, based on an integrated methodology that is commensurate with MOH’s strategy and its internal and external variables; in an endeavor to achieve its vision and objectives. The recruitment plan for 1443H. features a list of periodic and permanent advertisements in the schedule below:

Current Jobs:
​Start Date
​End Date
​End Date
​Physicians & Nursing
​Since Early This Year​
​Until the End of the Year
Still Running
​Cardiac Perfusion Technician Post for Diploma Holders



Still Running
​Cyber Sucurity
​Still Running

Previous Jobs:
​Start Date
​End Date
​End Date
Documents & Archives
Cyber Security
Dental Assistant​ 
Health Security
Respiratory Therapy and Prosthetics

Health Volunteering:
Within the framework of achieving the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 related to volunteer work, and as part of the community participation initiative in the Ministry of Health (MOH), the Health Volunteering Center has been launched in March 2020, which was technically supported by «E-Health»; in terms of launching Health Volunteering Platform. Health Volunteering in the Kingdom aims to enhance the community development, support the growth of non-profit sector, and encourage the participation of all segments of society in volunteer work to come up with one million volunteers in the Kingdom.

To participate in the volunteer work, please download the Health V​olunteering App.

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