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MOH E-Participation Policy
​The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is witnessing a prosperous era due to the ambitious development vision of our leadership which guided all sectors to progress successfully.  Cooperation and effective communications are considered the cornerstones of such progress. 

Due to the MOH’s strategic work plan, all concerned parties and officials cooperated in setting public policies and strategic plans for each project and initiative in order to upgrade health sectors in the Kingdom with a goal of continuously providing high-quality services. 

Using the latest in advanced technology, the Ministry of Health has developed an easy and efficient way for all portal users to pass along their meaningful and constructive comments and opinions to Ministry officials, including HE the Minister of Health. eParticicipation and eInteraction operate on a number of communication levels to deliver all portal users (citizens, residents and business entities) points of views and suggestions to concerned Ministry officials. Users will receive quick, confidential responses to their comments and queries to all MOH departments. 

The Ministry of Health’s working principles are based on deliberation and respect for public opinions with a goal towards improving all MOH services. During past years, the Ministry has adopted a wide range of interactive communication methods to receive and handle opinions, suggestions, observations and complaints; these have always been dealt with based upon specific standards and procedures designed to strengthen constructive communication between the Ministry and the public. 

Through this portal, the Ministry aims to activate and regularly update the largest possible number of e-channels to meet all of the users’ needs.  

Participation in Decision-Making and Policies Formulation

Ministry of Health has not only sought to collect as many participations and views posted by its Portal’s Visitor as possible, but it also attempts to activate such participations. Those intended participations are envisioned by the Ministry to be then transformed into tangible results with regards to the Ministry’s work-processes starting from specifying priorities and formulating Policies, in addition to making appropriate Decisions. Depending on such fruitful types of e-Participation in forming the general frameworks of all its plans, the Ministry has been inspired by the necessity of the common shared work where all community members can have their contributions to build a better society to achieve welfare for all. In accordance with such strategic way of thinking in all stages of work, the Ministry’s Portal has innovated a varied set of e-Participation channels that are aimed to push all community to participate in Decision-making and formulating policies relating to the Health Sector in Saudi Arabia.


e-Participation in making decision and formulating policies is implemented as follows:

  • A certain topic is put for discussion through any of the e-Participation availed on the Portal in addition to throwing light on previous participations and results, current participations and how to participate in them, and the future participations and when they will start.
  • Standards and Regulations are relevantly specified – as per the e-Participation channel – to ensure the users’ commitment to the objectives of such participation which can be utilized away from any personal criticism or inappropriate use of such channels.
  • Pointing out the necessity to participate one time to have accurate results.
  • Monitoring results of participations implemented and analyzing such results.
  • Sending results of all e-Participations to the Concerned Departments to specify priorities as per such results and to immediate start implementation of the relevant services.
  • Announcing results of e-Participations in addition to pointing out the steps relevantly taken.

    For the most prominent events and activities e-participation.
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