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Community Participation Policy


Through the platform “Share Your Opinion”, the Ministry of Health (MOH) provides an opportunity for the community to participate in decision-making regarding some laws, regulations, rules, procedures, services, or their opinions or specific topic with the support of researches published on international journals.

Types of topics to be raised:
  • Laws, regulations, rules, procedures, service assessment, general opinions. 
  • Participation Tools:
  • Subject page on the portal.
  • Email correspondence.
Enhancing utilization of the outcomes of community-related studies. 
Enabling decision-makers to develop the health projects according to the community needs. 
Enhancing interaction and transparency to achieve general satisfaction and mutual trust with the community. 

The first stage, raising a topic:
MOH publishes topics for the target audience or the public and requests electronic participation through:
  • The portal
  • Twitter. 
The second stage, collecting electronic participations: 
  • When a topic is raised, you can share your opinion in accordance with the provisions and regulations stated below.
  • After the end of the period specified for participation, MOH closes the door for participation in this topic.
The third stage, analysis of participations:
This stage about sorting and analyzing the participations, and using the appropriate ones in decision-making and policy formulation. 

The fourth stage, the announcement of decision:
In this stage, the action taken will be announced on the subject page, as well as the appropriate responses for the most prominent participations whenever possible.  

Provisions and Rules:
Writing Participations:

​- Write your serious opinion
- Write in clear and concise language.
- Use scientific evidence when needed.

- Do not use the platform for marketing.
- Do not submit the same opinion more than once.
- Do not add opinions that are irrelevant to the raised topic.
- Do not offend any person or party in any way
​- Do not post personal information.

Roles and Responsibilities:
Responsible Party:

Research and Studies General Department reviews all community participation and coordinates with the ministry decision-makers before publication to ensure quality and improve the level of dialogue in order to achieve the prescribed goals. Also, the ministry reserves the right not to publish or delete what it deems inconsistent with its policy or the laws in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Topics are referred to the responsible party of the MOH’s departments for reviewing and presenting to the target groups. Each department informs the responsible party on the final decision about its topic. 

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