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 MOH portal forums are considered an interactive link between MOH and portal users in order to raise a wide variety of health-related topics for discussion, in addition to encouraging constructive ideas for improving health services. 

Terms of Use
  • Participants must be registered inthe portal’s forums page.
  • Raise important and purposefultopics to benefit from other participants opinions.
  • By participating in the forum, users agree not to: 
    • Write topics contrary to the teachings of Islam. 
    • Post any material that is knowingly offensive. Avoid any individual or tribal conflicts. .
    • Post advertisements or for-profit topics.
    • Repeat the same topic in more than one forum.
  • The forum administrators reserve the right to edit or remove any objectionable or illegal material and to delete any participant’s membership without prior notice. 
  • All posts made to these forums (topics, replies, suggestions, etc.) express the views and opinions of the author of each post, not those of the MOH forum administrators or staff.
  • These terms are subject to change by forum administrators at any time without prior notice. 
  • For more information about forum term of use, Kindly send us your queries:
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