First Aid

Skin Rash Caused by Exposure to Heat

The rash appears mostly in infants and children; Because of presence in hot and humid weather, which causes the appearance of small red bumps, and the rash often appears in the folds of the skin of the neck and on the upper chest, arms, legs, and the nappy area.

A group of small red bumps on the skin.

  • Wear clothes that keep the skin cool and dry.
  • Pay attention to the folds of the skin, especially in children, as they may be wet with sweat, urine, or saliva, so cold water must be used for cleaning, then drying the area well.
  • Leave the rash area exposed to air without clothes as much as possible.
  • No ointment should be applied to the skin.
  • Keep the body as cool as possible.
First aid for rashes:
  • Stay away from the sun and go to a cool place
  • Keep the affected area dry.
  • Use baby powder to soothe the rash.

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