First Aid

The occurrence of convulsions is common, as one day you may need to help someone during an epileptic seizure, so you must learn what can be done to keep the victim safe until the seizure stops on its own, as most seizures end in a few minutes.

When a person needs emergency medical attention and must call the emergency:
  • When convulsions occur for the first time.
  • When there is difficulty breathing or waking up after the seizure.
  • When the seizure lasts more than 5 minutes.
  • When another seizure occurs shortly after the first seizure.
  • When an injury occurs to the patient during the seizure.
  • When a seizure occurs to a person while he is in the water.
  • If the infected person suffers from a health condition (such as: diabetes, heart disease, or is pregnant).
First aid for convulsions (grand mal seizures):
In this type of seizure, the infected person may scream, fall, or shake and become unaware of what is happening around him, so he must be helped by:
    • Extend the infected person on the ground.
    • Gently place the victim on one side to help him breathe.
    • Secure the area around him and make sure that there is nothing around him that could harm him.
    • Put something soft under the victim's head (such as a jacket).
    • Remove glasses from his face or unbutton the shirt or tie.
    • Call emergency services if the seizure lasts more than 5 minutes.
Things to avoid:
  • ​Trying to stop the movements of the injured person during the seizure.
  • Putting any object in the mouth of the injured person; This can injure the jaw or teeth.
  • Trying to do CPR, because usually the victim will start breathing on his own after the attack.
  • Offering food or water until he is fully awake.
First aid for any type of seizure (micro-epileptic seizures):
  • Stay with the infected person until the seizure ends.
  • After the seizure is over, help the infected person to sit in a safe place.
  • Once he is able to communicate, tell him what happened in a simple way.

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