Health Days 2022

World Kidney Day



In celebration of the World Kidney Day 2022 with theme: «Kidney Health for All», the campaign focuses on bridging knowledge gaps to improve kidney health through increased kidney care education and awareness in the public arena.


  • ​​Encourage the public to adopt healthy diet and lifestyles (access to clean water, exercise, healthy diet, tobacco control, and climate change prevention) to maintain good kidney health, preserve kidney function longer in those with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), and increase overall general awareness of the importance of kidneys.
  • Extend kidney patient education (including practical advice on diet and lifestyle) to empower patients, their care-partners, and their support systems to achieve the health outcomes.
  • Recognize patients' and healthcare providers' right to be able to assess, understand and use health information related to CKD.
  • Require kidney healthcare providers and patient organizations to offer information related to CKD according to varying levels of health literacy.
  • Encourage and support primary care physicians to improve their recognition and management of patients with CKD across its entire spectrum from prevention and early detection of CKD to its secondary and tertiary prevention and kidney failure care.
  • Integrate CKD and kidney failure prevention into national non-communicable disease programs for comprehensive and integrated services, which are essential in improving the early detection and tracking of kidney care at country level.


  • ​One out of 10 adult people worldwide have CKD, and if left untreated it can be deadly.
  • Early detection allows for disease care and management to help prevent morbidity and mortality, and improve cost effectiveness and sustainability.
  • Kidney disease related mortality continues to increase yearly and is projected to be the fifth leading cause of death by 2040.

 Official Date:

Globally: March 10th, 2022

Locally: Sha'ban 7th, 1443H.


«Kidney Health for All»



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