Health Days 2021

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

December 3 is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD). On this Day the World Health Organization (WHO) joined partners to celebrate "D day for All". This theme reflects a growing understanding that disability is part of the human condition. Despite this, few countries have adequate mechanisms in place to respond fully to the needs of people with disabilities.
As governments and the international community continue to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, and chart a course forward, it is essential that disability inclusion is central to health system planning, development, and decision making.  Strong, effective health systems support robust health emergencies management.
  • According to WHO, about 15% of the world’s population (over one billion people) experience some form of disability.
  • This number is predicted to rise given population ageing and an increase in the prevalence of noncommunicable diseases.
  • In a number of the developing countries, people with disabilities have poorer health outcomes, lower education achievements, less economic participation and higher rates of poverty than people without disabilities.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has caused more damage, and an increase in the number of people with disabilities due health and social barriers. 
  • At some point in their life, almost everyone will have a temporary or permanent disability.
  • Promoting an understanding of disability issues to ensure their rights.
  • Empowering persons with disabilities to live independently.
  • Helping them to attain the highest standard of healthcare, without discrimination.
  • Boosting their self-confidence and capabilities through participation in different activities.
  • Involving them fully in all aspects of life and development.
  • Identifying and removing barriers and obstacles to their capabilities.
Official Date:
Globally: December 3rd, 2021
Locally: Rabiʽ al-Thani 28th, 1443H 

(Leadership and participation of persons with disabilities toward an inclusive, accessible and sustainable post-COVID-19 world)



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