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World Asthma Day
Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease, quite prevalent among children. According to the WHO estimates, there are about 300.000.000 asthma patients around the world. On the domestic level, studies show that the incidence of asthma within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ranges from 15 to 25 per cent.
The World Asthma Day is celebrated throughout the world every year on the seventh of May. This year's Day is held under the theme: “You Can Control Your Asthma”, in pursuit of raising awareness of patients, their families and the entire community on how to avoid and treat asthma.
Key Facts:
  • It is expected that asthma mortality will increase by 20% over the coming ten years, unless emergent actions are to be taken. Good diagnosis of the diseases and educating patients properly, though, are envisaged to control the disease and improve the patients' quality of life.
  • Asthma takes place in all countries, regardless of its level of development, however more than 80% of asthma deaths take place in low-income countries.
Internationally Approved Date: 7/5/2014
Locally Approved Date: 7/7/1435H
Theme of the International Day:
                                                     “You Can Control Your Asthma”
Logo of the World Asthma Day 2014:
Targeted Groups:
  • Children and adults suffering from asthma.
  • Patients' families.
  • Health workers (doctors, pharmacists, nurses and health educationists).
  • Education workers (teachers, social workers, etc.).
  • Health decision-makers.
  • Health associations and institutions.
  • The public.

Major Health Messages of the World Asthma Day 2014:
  • Promoting health awareness among community members about the most important asthma irritants in the environment and how to prevent them.
  • The role of treatment in preventing asthma and reducing its acuteness.
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