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World Sight Day

World Optometry Day is celebrated on March 23 as a symbol of celebrating optics as a profession and optometrists.
The beginning:
Its history dates to 1986 when Dr. J. Burt Holmes, former President of the American Optometric Association, took ownership of IOOL (International Association of Optometry and Vision Sciences) and transformed it into a dynamic organization committed to improving standards of care for optometry and vision sciences worldwide.
After that year, Dr. Holmes suggested celebrating World Optometry Day to raise the level of optometry education on a global level by creating the first Wednesday of March as an international day for the optics profession.

Accredited Authorities:
Every year, the World Optical Council (WCO) celebrates World Optical Week (March 21-25) and World Optical Day (March 23). The World Optometric Council urges the support of our colleagues, and to increase awareness of the role of clinical optometry and the health aspects of optometry around the world.

Its importance:
Beginning with the celebration of the World Optometry Day in 1986 by the International Association of Optometry and Vision Sciences to celebrate the optometrist profession around the world. The optometrist profession is currently practiced at different levels in the world, with some countries still lacking the profession. Regarding the history and development of optometry, the reason why the professional and medical culture that optometry has grown so quickly is that it was simply the right solution to meet a large and growing need in the field of primary eye care.
Awareness of the importance of the optics profession around the world.
Reminders of optical services.
Reminding the role of clinical optometry globally and locally.

Official date:
Globally: March 23rd, 2023
Locally: Ramadan 1st, 1444H​

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