Health Days 2023

Gulf Cancer Awareness Week

In conjunction with the Gulf Cancer Awareness Week, Gulf Health Council launched an awareness campaign on cancer, its reality, ways to deal with it, breaking the barrier of fear of it, and what scientific methods are used to recover therefrom.
The Gulf Health Council In its campaign, drew attention to the importance of demand for examinations and neither be complacent in this aspect, nor exaggerate the fear of cancer, indicating that 40% of cancer cases can be prevented by following a healthy lifestyle, and 40% of cases of infection can be cured if detected early. Explaining that science is still advancing and developing to prevent and treat the remaining cases.
In its campaign, the Council emphasized that early diagnosis of breast cancer contributes to a recovery of 98%, noting that a mammogram to detect the breast takes shorter time that does not exceed 15 minutes, stressing on the importance of the demand for examination and not be complacent in going to specialized examination centres.
The council added that the incidence of thyroid cancer in women is three times higher than in men, stressing that effectiveness of early intervention, if detected, reaches 98.3%.
The Gulf Health Council added that colorectal cancer is the most common among men in the Gulf, stressing that those between the ages of 50 and 75, whose diet is low in fibre and high in fat, should prompt early examination to ensure their health condition.
Official date:
Globally: February 1st -7th ,2023
Locally: Rajab 10th -16th, 1444H

Last Update : 12 January 2023 03:26 AM
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