Health Days 2013
World Food Day
 World Food Day 2013
“Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security and Nutrition” will be the focus of the World Food Day in 2013.
The official World Food Day theme – announced by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) – gives focus to the risks of malnutrition resulting from lack of foods for poor consumers and helps increase understanding of problems and solutions in the drive to end hunger as well as the means through which available food systems can be laid down continuously to achieve the food security. Such targets can be achieved through the activities of the World Food Day.
Internationally Approved Date: 16/10/2013
Locally Approved Date: 11/12/1434H
Theme of the World Food Day:
Healthy People Depend on Healthy Food Systems
Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security and Nutrition
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Targeted Groups:
  • Low-income families.
  • Workers in the social work institutions relevant to the social status of families.
  • Workers in the field of health awareness and guidance.
  • Governments in the developing countries and the whole countries of the world.
  • Non-governmental institutions and organizations.
General Objectives:
  • To raise public awareness of the problem of malnutrition in the world.
  • To urge for greater efforts at the national governmental and non-governmental levels to this end.
  • To combat malnutrition-related diseases.
  • To encourage economic and technical cooperation among developing countries.
  • To pay attention to agricultural solutions in order to ensure continuous handling of foods in third world countries.
  • To enhance international solidarity in the struggle against malnutrition and poverty.
  • To draw attention to achievements in the field of food and agricultural development.
  • To encourage the participation of the least privileged categories in decisions and activities influencing their living conditions.
Key Messages:
  • Good nutrition depends on healthy diets.
  • Healthy diets require healthy food systems – along with education, health, and other factors.
  • Healthy food systems are made possible by appropriate policies, incentives and governance.
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