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World Hypertension Day
Since 2005, the World Hypertension Day has been celebrated every year, with the aim of raising community awareness about the hypertension and encouraging citizens in all countries to prevent and combat this silent killer, which is reckoned as the epidemic of the modern era.  
Key Facts:
  • Usually there are no obvious symptoms.
  • Certain physical traits and lifestyle choices may affect people with high blood pressure and can put them at a greater complications and risks.
  • When left untreated, the damage that high blood pressure does to you includes heart attack, stroke and other health threats.


  • Globally:
    The prevalence of hypertension is highest in Africa (46% of adults) while the lowest prevalence is found in the Americas (35% of adults).
    Overall, high-income countries have a lower prevalence of hypertension (35% of adults) than low -and -middle income groups (40% of adults) – thanks to successful multisectoral public policies, and better access to health care.
  • Locally:
    Blood pressure tends to rise as people get older, it reaches 3.2% among those aged between 15-24 years, 51.2% among those aged 55-64 years and up to 70% among those aged 65 years and older. It has been observed that there is an increase in prehypertension cases, reaching 46.5% (3 millions) among males and 34.3% (more than 2 million) among females.                       

Objectives of the World Hypertension Day:

  • Raise public awareness of the importance of early detection and treatment of high blood pressure.
  • Support, reach out to, and facilitate networking between investigators, teachers, fellows, clinicians and students interested in hypertension and related diseases globally.
  • Support research to achieve optimal care of people with hypertension.
  • Promote multidisciplinary collaborative research.
  • Develop a consensus and guidelines on hypertension prevention and treatment.
  • Serve local communities.
  • Provide education and training worldwide; and on a continuous basis.
  • Reduce the frequency and impact of high blood pressure and its associated conditions.

Official Date:

  • Globally: May 17th, 2017.
  • Locally: Shaban 21st, 1438H.

Theme of the World Hypertension Day:

Targeted Groups:

  • Those suffering from hypertension.
  • Those working in the health field.
  • Those working in the educational field such as teachers and social workers, among others.
  • Health decision-makers.
  • Health societies and organizations.
  • Society as a whole.
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