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World Arthritis Day
Arthritis is an inflammation of the membrane joints, causing varying degrees of pain at any age. It is reckoned one of the most common diseases across the world. It may lead to stiffness of joints and hindering movement. Therefore, the World Arthritis Day is observed on October 12th every year to raise awareness about the disease. 
Facts and figures:
  • Arthritis affects both men and women of all ages, including children. However, some types of the disease are more common in women than men, and vice versa.
  • Arthritis affects a quarter of all people in the European Union –120 million people.
  • In the industrialized world, Arthritis affects more individuals than any other disease.
  • Arthritis has a huge health, economic, and social burden. Its costs are associated with diagnosis, treatment, care, assistive devices.

Official Date:
Globally: October 12th, 2016
Locally: Muharrum 1st, 1438H

Theme of the World Arthritis Day: 

Arthritis 2016.png
The Future In Your Hands
Targeted Groups:
  • People with Arthritis and their families.
  • Those working in the medical field including physicians, nurses, pharmacists and health educators.
  • Those working in the education field including teachers, social workers and others.
  • Health decisions makers.
  • Health organizations and associations.
  • The public.
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