Health Days 2015

World Sickle Cell Day
Sickle cell anemia is one of the genetic blood diseases causing disorder in the gene responsible for the formation of hemoglobin, and causing the sticking of these cells into the small blood cells and therefore reducing the flow of the blood and oxygen to the body organs which leads to the appearance of symptoms suffered by the sickle cell patients, including severe pain, dyspnea and other symptoms. Each year, more than half a million children worldwide are born suffering from sickle cell anemia.
Internationally Approved Date: June 19th, 2015
Locally Approved Date: Ramadan 2nd, 1436H
Targeted Groups: 
  • Sickle cell patients and their families.
  • Those planning to get married.
  • Those working in the health field, including physicians, nurses and health educators.
  • Health decision makers.
  • Health organizations and bodies.
Main Health Messages:
  • Enlightening the community and individuals that the sickle cell disease is a major health problem.
  • Urging the health institutions to pay attention to the sickle cell disease through developing health programs at the national level and operating the specialized centers to facilitate the provision of treatment. 
  • Facilitating and supporting the access to the medical services for sickle cell patients.
  • Boosting and supporting the researches aiming at improving the life quality of the sickle cell patients.
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