Health Days 2022

Saudi Healthy Marriage Day


A healthy marriage is a comprehensive concept that establishes a state of harmony between couples as far as healthy, psychological, and social aspects are concerned, with the aim of protecting them and their offspring from infectious diseases and having healthy children.
Through the healthy marriage program, our wise government has paid great efforts to help establish healthy generations. The program obliges the couples to submit the premarital medical examination certificate before signing the marriage contract. This procedure is one of the terms of the marriage contract and the couple are free to sign it or not.  
Premarital screening is defined as testing couples who plan to get married for certain genetic or infectious diseases such as sickle cell anemia and thalassemia, and some infectious diseases, such as viral hepatitis (B), viral hepatitis (C), and HIV/AIDS. It aims to give medical advice on the odds of transmitting these diseases to the other partner or children in the future and to provide marriage seekers with options and alternatives to help them plan for a healthy family.
Strong families play an important role in the health and well-being of both adults and children. Decades of research shows that children living with their biological parents have better physical, emotional and academic well-being. Studies have also shown that people live longer, have less stress, and are more financially stable in a healthy family environment; Where both parents are present, share responsibility for the family, and raise children together.
Target Group:
  • University students (Male and female).
  • Families with genetic blood disorders.
  • Couples who are planning to get married.
Main Topics:
  • Early premarital screening helps to pick the right partner and build a healthy family.
  • The importance of genetic compatibility between the couples.
  • Diseases covered by the screening program.
  • Services provided before marriage: (Mawid) service and (e-certificate) service.
  • The importance of measles vaccination for women planning to get married.
  • Educational program to limit marriage of genetically incompatible couples.

Spreading awareness of the importance of premarital screening.

Official Date: 
Globally: February 13th, 2022
Locally: Rajab 12th, 1443H

Last Update : 05 April 2022 03:18 PM
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