National Campaign for Lymphoma Awareness

What Is Lymphoma?
Cancerous diseases have long been obsessing humanity at large. It has been proven, however, that the early detection enables more treatment options, to the end that the ratio of full recovery increases, Allâh willing. Among these diseases is the Cancer of Lymph Glands (also known as: Lymphoma).
Lymphoma is a tumor affecting the lymphatic system (which is part of the immune system). It consists of a network of vessels that carry a fluid called lymph, similar to the way that the network of blood vessels carry blood throughout the body. Lymph contains white blood cells (WBCs) called lymphocytes. Lymphocytes attack a variety of infectious agents as well as many cells in the precancerous stages of development. They pass through lymph nodes, which are small collections of lymph tissue that occur throughout the body. The lymphatic system involves lymphatic channels that connect thousands of lymph nodes scattered throughout the body. Lymph flows through the lymph nodes, as well as through other lymphatic tissues including the spleen, the tonsils, the bone marrow, and the thymus gland.
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