Women's Health
Work in the Lives of Women
​Work is undoubtedly one of the crucial necessities of all grown-ups; men and women alike. Without work, life of both the individual and society becomes unbearable. There are many advantages of women's work, some of which can be enumerated as follows:
  • Self-realization: through work, production and achievements, the woman realizes herself and discovers her character.
  • Financial independence: work grants the woman financial independence, and helps develop her personal skills and capabilities, with the effect that she becomes more prudent, mentally and socially.
  • Work makes the woman stronger and wiser in terms of all the realistic and moral aspects.
Notwithstanding all such strengths, however, women's mental (and, accordingly, physical) health could be affected by the shortcomings of work, some of which are:
  • Work environment: work could be inappropriate for women; their skills, capabilities, activity and work circumstances. Besides the boring routine work, or the cruel and stern work, may affect women's mental health. Also, injustice, inequality and lack of encouragement may have negative impact on women's health.
  • Social pressure: along with work, the woman is still responsible for the household as a wife and mother. She, thus, gets overburdened with so many responsibilities, requiring massive mental and physical efforts to be soundly undertaken; especially in the places where there are no sufficient facilities (nursery schools, etc.).
  • Marital and family problems: it frequently happened that the woman suffered from so many problems and hardships caused by the lack of clarity of the roles and responsibilities of the man and the woman. This can be attributed to the somewhat novelty of women's work in our society, as well as the lack of understanding between the woman and her husband on the cooperation and participation of the financial affairs, child care and the like daily matters. This requires more discussion and understanding between the man and woman, so as to attain appropriate solutions and compromises that would be satisfactory to both of them. In reality, women in our society suffer from many forms of injustice and blackmail, as the father, brother or husband frequently snatches the woman's salary and her legitimate rights. This usually brings upon her frustration and depression.
  • The nature of some professions: some professions (like nursing, and work in the health sector generally) are still looked upon by the society so lowly. This further doubles the social burden and pressure over the woman's shoulders, giving way to worries, disappointment and depression. Also, it is difficult for some women to take certain decisions and rely on themselves. That is why some professional situations requiring practical and decisive decisions cause anxiety and stress to them.
Prevention of the shortcomings of women's work
  • For prevention of such shortcomings, the working woman should receive sufficient support (both moral and practical), as well as helping her relieve her burdens, and providing the appropriate conditions that would concord with our traditions, values and religion. Also, she should be helped with the problems facing her. 
  • Negative conceptions relevant to women's work have to be adjusted and corrected, and its importance and strengths have to be highlighted and underscored.
  • It is important for every woman to pursue self-criticism, learn from mistakes, and develop herself by acquiring the necessary skill and capabilities. Also, she should have a well-organized schedule, and give everyone his due.
  • Finally, women's problems have to be given more academic attention, by conducting elaborate studies on the various phenomena related to women's work in our society, in addition to developing the positive experiences and practices appropriate for women's work, and all the related mental and social aspects.
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