National Campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness

When should you call the doctor
Check with your doctor immediately if any of the following signs occur:
  1. Breast redness can be caused by a bacterial infection or inflammation of the breast, known as mastitis, that only needs to antibiotic but sometimes redness can be a symptom of a type of breast cancer, so you must go to the doctor when you notice any redness.
  2. Swelling during pregnancy and breast-feeding may be swollen glands and milk, but if it continues after stopping breast-feeding, you should consult the doctor. In some cases, this cancer can be unnoticed because of the high rates of female hormones in the body during pregnancy. It is worth mentioning that many cases are not discovered until late stages of the disease when symptoms develop because the patient or her doctor believed that the cancer may be a small benign tumor of the milk ducts.
  3. Swelling grows slowly and causes ulceration in the skin of the breast during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Cancer can grow and spread under the armpit and the other members of the body because some women may feel ashamed or embarrassed to discuss such troubles.
  4. In all these cases, you must be willing to put aside all your fears and go to the doctor so as not to miss the chance of survival.
Last Update : 07 January 2012 10:58 AM
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