National Osteoporosis Awareness Campaign

General Tips
In case you don't suffer from poor digestion of lactose, it is recommended to consider the following tips and suggestions:
  1. It is recommended to eat/drink milk substitutes (other than milk) in small quantities, frequently during the day, and keep to include salmon and sardines in your meals, as well leafy vegetables (turnip leaves and cabbage, etc.), in addition to oysters and shrimp.
  2. Include milk and milk substitutes in the different dishes when cooking them. That is to say, try to eat the foods which
  3. Graduation: in the sense that you can drink small quantities of milk substitutes, and then increase these quantities with the passage of days.
  4. Drink low-lactose milk substitutes, except milk, such as several sorts of cheese (Swiss cheese, parmesan, cheddar cheese, etc.)
In case you don't like to drink milk, it is advisable to:
  1. Eat/drink milk substitutes (milk, yogurt, cheese, etc.)
  2. Include milk or milk substitutes in your food when cooking it (e.g. chicken soup, pastry, macaroni, etc.)
  3. Eat the types of dessert containing large quantities of milk (e.g. pudding, custer, ice cream, rice with milk, etc.)
  4. Mix milk up with fresh fruit juice (strawberry, banana, orange, etc.)
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