National Osteoporosis Awareness Campaign

Drinking Milk & Exposure to the Sun
Prevention is better than cure:
Actually, there is nothing at hand to bring about full recovery of osteoporosis. Neither do we have much to put off its progression or diminish its severity. All we can do, at early stages, is to take serious steps (by exercise and healthy nutrition) and modify our habits and behaviors, thus diminishing the probability of the incidence of osteoporosis when getting older.
Drinking milk:
Maintaining the health of your skeleton requires you to take good intake of healthy nutrients, most of which are found in milk and milk products. These nutrients can be found, also, in skimmed products, which are quite abundant. As for those finding difficulty in digesting milk, it could be replaced with processed products, free from lactose.
Human body is in need of 1000-1500mg of milk a day, in accordance with age. In case it is difficult to obtain this quantity, you can take, instead, calcium medications. The calcium reserve in bones should be always sufficient. It is for this reason that calcium that the process of "depositing" calcium should beging at an early age, along with avoiding soft drinks and caffeine.
Exposure to the sunlight is the best source of Vitamin:
In order for calcium to be well absorbed, the body needs Vitamin D, without which the calcium included in the food we eat cannot be absorbed, with the effect that the body takes calcium from bones. The body can produce an adequate quantity of Vitamin D when exposed to the sunlight during sunrise and sunset. Exposure to the sunlight for 30 minutes (while hiking or exercising outdoor) is recommended.
 In case the exposure to the sun is not available, nor is the compensation with such foods as fish, eggs, liver, etc, you ought to see a doctor to prescribe calcium as a medicine.
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