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Safe Camping in Winter

With the moderate climate, lower temperatures, and the beginning of the winter season, everyone is preparing for camping, as it is one of the fun activities that can be practiced and enjoyed in outdoors, but one must be well prepared to make it safe and enjoyable.

Before the trip:

  • It is preferable to plan the trip well in advance of setting off and choose the camping location carefully, considering staying away from low places (such as valleys flowing through floods).
  • It is preferable to go with friends who have previously camped, especially when going for the first time, and inform the family members of the camp location.
  • Choose a suitable car for these trips (such as four-wheel drive cars), making sure that it is well inspected and that all its supplies are prepared before setting off, to avoid being exposed to breakdowns in the desert.
  • Prepare a small bag containing all first aid supplies (such as tools for treating minor wounds and burns, and necessary medications) for those suffering from chronic conditions (such as asthma inhalers and diabetes medications), while ensuring that they are stored safely during the trip.
  • Make sure to bring appropriate clothing to protect against the cold weather and rain (such as hats, coats, gloves, or blankets).
  • Prepare the necessary foods and drinks for the trip, making sure to store uncooked foods in sealed refrigerator boxes to protect them from spoilage, especially meat and chicken, while preparing a sufficient amount of water for the trip.
  • Make sure to bring all spare supplies (such as battery-powered phone chargers, light bulbs, etc.).
  • Know the weather conditions well before heading to the camp to avoid any emergency.

During the trip:

  • When lighting a fire, it is preferable to light it away from the camp, making sure to monitor it well and consider the direction of the wind to avoid inhaling the fumes resulting from burning wood.
  • When cooking food, hygiene should be observed to avoid contamination by washing hands well before cooking, and use cutting boards for vegetables separately from boards for cutting meat and poultry, and wash vegetables well before cooking or eating them.
  • Cook food thoroughly, especially meat and poultry when grilled.
  • Handle with caution when using fire to avoid burns and know first aid for dealing with burns.
  • Make sure to wash hands with soap and clean running water before eating and after using the toilet.
  • Keep grills and camp stoves outside the camp to avoid exposure to carbon monoxide poisoning (an odorless gas that can lead to death without realizing it, and it results from burning wood and coal, especially in closed places).
  • Be careful not to sit near the fire and not to inhale smoke, especially for those who suffer from asthma and chronic lung diseases. Children must also be instructed and forbidden from approaching the fire and limit their exposure to smoke.
  • Most creatures that live in the desert do not cause harm unless they are threatened, so care should be taken to avoid them and children should be urged to do so.
  • Shoes should be worn at all times and children should be encouraged to do so. When taking them off, they should be carefully examined before wearing them again.
  • Protect children, especially young children and infants, from direct cold air currents by keeping them inside the camp as much as possible and warm them with appropriate clothes and blankets.
  • Follow safety instructions when riding desert bikes, especially for children, by choosing a suitable place and flat ground, staying away from heights, and wearing appropriate protective equipment before riding (such as a helmet). When using it for those under 16 years of age, it should be under the supervision of adults.
  • Use bright lights in the camping area at night, which helps keep animals away from the camp.
  • Preserve the natural environment and cleanliness of the place by cleaning the place before leaving.

Last Update : 10 December 2023 11:22 AM
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