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Physical Activity for Students

​​Why is physical activity necessary for students?

Physical activity is necessary for students because it:
  • Contributes to increasing academic achievement levels;
  • Increases blood flow to brain cells, improving brain cognitive functions (e.g. comprehension, alertness, concentration, remembering and memorization); 
  • Boosts energy, which gives students the chance to get over the boredom resulting from staying focused for a long time;
  • Develops mental abilities;
  • Prevents diseases caused by lack of movement;
  • Improves mood and sleep quality.

Recommended physical activities for school students:
  • Students should engage in at least 60 minutes of moderate to intense physical activity a day.
  • The physical activity must include exercises that strengthen muscles and bones. Students should do these exercises at least three times per week.

Tips to boost fitness and physical activity:
  • Play games that involve physical movement at home (e.g. chasing, hide and seek, jump rope, etc).
  • Use electronic games that require movement (simulators).
  • Do some fun activities (e.g. walking, cycling, picnicking at parks, and playing).
  • Participate in household chores (e.g. sweeping and mopping floors and surfaces, taking out the trash bin, etc).
  • Join sporting clubs.
  • Set personal physical activity goals (e.g. a 5km-walk), and reward yourself when these goals are reached, then gradually make them more challenging.  

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