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Premarital Screening
​Marriage is considered a remarkable event in the individuals' lives, as they work on starting a family, and through which the individual ushers a new stage in terms of building the emotional, social, familial, and healthy relationships. And it also guarantees preventing the couple from the hereditary and infectious diseases; in order to build a happy, stable family, getting along well.
The injury of any of the family members with hereditary and infectious diseases leads to foul the pleasure of life and several psychological, social, and economic problems. Not to mention the medical disorders and their repercussions on the patient, family, and community.
Definition of Healthy Marriage:
Healthy marriage is defined as state of agreement and harmony between the marriage partners with regard to the healthy, psychological, sexual, social, and legislative aspects, aiming at making a sound family and begetting healthy, happy children.
Definition of Premarital Screening:
It is defined as conducting examination for couples intending to marry; in order to identify if there is any injury with genetic blood diseases such as sickle-cell anemia (SCA) and Thalassemia, and some infectious diseases such as hepatitis B, C and HIV "Aids". This is in order to provide medical consultation on the odds of transmitting these diseases to the other marriage partner or the children in the future, and to give options and alternatives before soon-to-be married with the aim of helping them plan for a heathy family.
Objectives of Premarital Screening:
The Healthy Marriage Program is considered a national, communal. Aware, and preventive program aims at:
  • Limiting the spread of some genetic blood diseases: sickle-cell anemia (SCA) and thalassemia, and some infectious diseases: hepatitis B, C and AIDS/HIV.
  • Reducing the financial burdens resulting from the treatment of the injured in terms of the family and community.
  • Reducing pressure over health institutions and blood banks.
    Avoiding the social and psychological problems for families whose children suffer.
  • Making those seeking such an check-up feel at ease.
  • Disseminating awareness with regard to the concept of the comprehensive, healthy marriage.

Accredited Premarital Screening Centers throughout the Kingdom's Regions:

Center + Lab
Center Only
1.     ​King Salman bin Abdulaziz Hospital
2.     Al-Yamamah Hospital
3.     Central Lab and Blood Bank
4.     Al-Iman Hospital
5.     King Khalid Hospital in Al-Kharj
6.     Al-Dawadmi Hospital
7.     Wadi Al-Dawasir Hospital
8.     King Khalid Hospital in Al-Majmaah
9.     Al-Zulfi General Hospital
10.   Shaqra General Hospital
11.   Al-Quayeyah General Hospital
12.  Al-Aflaj Hospital
13.  Afif General Hospital
14.   Hawtat Bani Tamim Hospital
15.   Hawtat Sedeir Hospital
16.   Huraymala General Hospital
17.   Al-Sulayyil General Hospital
18.  King Fahd General Hospital
1-     Al-Qurayyat General Hospital
The Northern Borders
1-    Arar Central Hospital
2-    Turaif General Hospital
3-    Rafha General Hospital
4-    Awiqela General Hospital
1-    The Central Laboratory Center
2-    Sharourah General Hospital
3-    Habuna General Hospital
4-    Al-Kharir Healthcare Center
5-     Yadmah Healthcare Center
1-    Prince Abdurrahman Al-Sudairi Central Hospital
2-    Dawmat Al-Jandal General Hospital
3-    Tabarjal General Hospital
4-    Suwair General Hospital
1-    Al-Noor Specialized Hospital
2-     Maternity and Children Hospital
3-     Hera General Hospital
1-    Maternity and Children Hospital
2-    Regional Laboratory
1-    King Fahd Hospital
2-     Maternity and Children Hospital
3-    Yanbu Hospital
4-    Prince Abdul-Muhsen –Al-Ola
1-     Al-Mahd Hospital
2-     Al-Eis Hospital
3-     Badr Hospital
4-     Khayber Hospital
5-     Al-Hanakia Hospital
1-    King Fahd Specialist Hospital - Buraidah
2-    Al-Budaydah General Hospital
3-    Maternity and Children Hospital
4-    King Saud Hospital – Eneizah
5-    Al-Rass General Hospital
6-    Al-Midhnab General Hospital
7-    Al-Bukayriyah General Hospital
1-    Al-Badaye Hospital
2-    Oyoun Al-Jawaa General Hospital
3-    Riyadh Al-Khubara General Hospital
4-    Qusaiba General Hospital
5-    Eqlat Al-Soqour General Hospital
6-    Qebbah General Hospital
7-    Dharbah General Hospital
8-    Al-Asyaah General Hospital
1-    Laboratories and Blood Banks Department
1-    Al-Khurmah General Hospital
2-    Maisan General Hospital
3-    Al-Sahn General Hospital
4-    Al-Qrai General Hospital
5-    Torouba General Hospital
6-    Ranyah General Hospital
1-    King Fahad Hospital –Al-Bahah
1-    Al-Aqieq Healthcare Center
2-    Ala-Tawla Healthcare center
3-    Balgurashi General Hospital
4-    Al-Makhwah General Hospital
5-    Qelwah General Hospital
6-    Al-Mandaq General Hospital
1-    Asir Central
2-    Khamis Mushait Al-Madani
3-    Sarat Obeida
4-    Dhahran Al-Janoub
5-    Tathlieth
6-    Balasmer
7-    Al-Namas
8-    Sabt AL-Alayah
9-    Mahayel
10-  Al-Majardah
11-  Rejal Almaa
12-  Al Bark
The Eastern Region
1-    Medical Fitness – Dammam
2-    Al-Aqrabeyyah –Al-Khobar
3-    Al-Qatif Central Hospital
4-    Jubail General Hospital
5-    Al Na’iriyah General Hospital
6-    Al-Khafji General Hospital
7-    Al-Qariya Al-Ulya General Hospital
8-    Baqiq General Hospital
1-    Genetic Blood Diseases Center
2-    King Fahad Laboratory – Hofuf
3-    Maternity and Children Hospital
4-    Prince Saud bin Jalawi Hospital –Al-Mubarraz
5-    Eye General Hospital – Al-Oyoun
6-    Al-Jafar General Hospital – Al-Jafar
1-    Al-Qunfudah General Hospital
Hafr Al-Batin
1-    King Khalid General Hospital
1-     King Fahd Hospital
2-    Samtah Hospital
3-    Sebia General Hospital
4-    Faifa General Hospital
5-    Beesh Hospital
6-    Al-Darb  General Hospital
7-    Jazan Hospital
1-    Farsan General Hospital
2-    Al-Ardhah Generl Hospital
3-    Abu Areesh Hospital
4-    Al-Towal General Hospital
5-    Ahad Al-Masarha Hospital
6-    Al-Mawsam General Hospital
1-    King Abdullah hospital
1-    King Khalid Hospital
2-    Umluj General Hospital
3-    Al-Wajh General Hospital
4-    Dheba General Hospital
5-    Tayma General Hospital
6-    Al-Bada General Hospital
7-    Haql General Hospital
1-    Abdul-Karim Al-Ma’jal Hospital – King Khalid Hospital
1-    Chest Diseases Hospital - Hail General Hospital
2-    Baqaa General Hospital
3-    Al-Shamla Hospital
4-    Al-Sulaima Hospital
5-    Sumairaa Hospital
Total Number
91 Premarital Screening Centers + Laboratories
39 Centers only


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