National Campaign against Overweight and Obesity

Waist Measurement
Measure your waistline by using a tape measure:
  • On the right vertical axis, on the red point, record your current measurement. As you proceed on a proper diet and exercise, measure your waist whenever you feel you've lost weight.
  • Record the new measurement in the chart, just one quarter leftward, as well as the number of centimeters lost.
  • As you continue to measure your waist, and record the measurements in points in the chart, by matching these points, you'll be able to get a graph of the rates of your waist.
  • When you attain the optimal waistline, contact the campaign and sent the graph, so as to be published among the MOH Portal's success stories.
  • Measure your waistline by using a tape measure, taking into account that the fats accumulated in the waist area is much more risky than the buttock fats, or the fats of any other part of the body. The decrease of waist fats, therefore, signifies a general decrease in the amount of fats in your body. That is why the waistline is frequently taken as an important indicator of health risks.
Last Update : 21 January 2012 03:36 PM
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