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Body Mass Measurement

How is the body mass index calculated?
By dividing weight (in kilograms) by the square of height (in meters).

Is the height of a person important in the calculation of his optimal weight?
The more the height, the more the size and mass of the body.

What's meant by the body optimal weight?
It is the sum of height and age and sex (male or female).

How could the proper weight be attained?
Strong will + good diet + continuous exercise.   
How could the proper weight be preserved?
Through maintaining a good diet, and keeping to exercise.
How could the body weight be known?   
It is the sum of the energy acquired by the body from food, and the energy consumed in physical activity.   
It is so easy to calculate the body mass, through the Body Mass Index (BMI). In other words, the quantity of body fat could be identified in terms of weight and height. The BMI could be calculated by the following equation:
Height (m) × Height (m)   
BMI           Weight (Kg) 
Height (m) × Height (m)  
For instance, the person whose weigh is 100 kg, and his height is 1.7m, his BMI would be 34.6.
34.6 100
1.7 × 1.7 
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