Health Days 2022

International Stuttering Awareness Day

  • This annual event is held on October 22 every year, to raise awareness of stuttering in the community and join efforts to educate the community and reach out to people with stuttering who still feel lonely and isolated.
  • Stuttering is a disturbance in speaking and language when he/she finds difficulty in speaking and becoming worse when excited, tired, or under stress.
  • Stuttering usually begins at the age of two and five years. If it is for a longer period, it needs intervention. Exact reasons for Stuttering are still unknown; But it may be due to several factors. There are effective treatments to help the patient improve speech. 

  • Awareness of ways to deal with a person with stuttering.
  • Supporting people with stuttering to overcome it and control it.

Types of stuttering:
  • Early stuttering (as a child grows up): Most common early stuttering occurs while the child is still learning speaking and language skills, and the exact cause of its occurrence is still unclear, although it is widely believed that it is caused by a difference in connectivity across parts of the brain responsible for speech ; But in children, brain connections are still in the developmental stage, and this explains why many children at the end get rid of stuttering, and this why treatment in children when they are younger is easy and successful. It is believed that genes play a role in occurrence of many cases of stuttering, because about 66% of stuttering cases run in the same family.
  • Late (acquired) stuttering: caused by a stroke, head trauma, or other type of brain injury, as brain faces difficulty in coordinating between different brain regions, which results in problems of producing speech clearly and fluently. It can also be due to certain medications, or psychological and emotional trauma.

Official date
October 22nd, 2022
Rabi-Awal 26th, 1444 H
We celebrate aloud
Speak the change you wish to see. 

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