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World Osteoporosis Day

World Osteoporosis Day falls on October 20 every year. It is activated this year by emphasizing the direct link between osteoporosis (the silent disease) and bone fractures, which have a serious and negative impact on quality of life in terms of pain, disability, and loss of independence. It will also focus on osteoporosis as a family affair, where burden of care is often borne by family caregivers, and the disease that afflicts many generations of the family itself.

  • Making osteoporosis and fracture prevention a health priority in KSA in line with global trends.
  • Raising awareness of the community on risk factors for osteoporosis.
  • Raising community awareness on active healthy aging and a healthy lifestyle; where prevention of osteoporosis and fractures caused thereby.
  • Raising community awareness of the importance of early detection of osteoporosis.
Osteoporosis is the primary cause of painful, debilitating and life-threatening bones, which may be known as (fragility fractures). Osteoporosis is a growing global problem worldwide, causing fractures in one in three women and one in five men over the age of fifty. If one of your parents has osteoporosis or a hip fracture, this may increase risk of the disease. Exercising, along with a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D, will strengthen bones.

Official date:
GloballyOctober 20th, 2022
Locally: Rabi-Awal 24th, 1444 H

Osteoporosis can be prevented and treated…Take action for bone health

IOF Internatiional Osteoporosis Foundation

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