Health Days 2022

International Infection Prevention Week


Infection control prevents spread of infection in healthcare facilities, and millions of infection prevention and control professionals around the world join activities to celebrate World Infection Prevention Week from October 18 to 24 each year; This highlights the importance of focusing on infection prevention activities and applying them in healthcare centers; to reduce transmission of infection.

  • Awareness of the importance of infection prevention in healthcare facilities.
  • Improving behavior and achieving safer, higher quality healthcare practices.
  • Participation of healthcare workers in clean care and infection prevention.
  • One out of every ten patients acquires infection while receiving health care.
  • Effective infection prevention reduces risks of transmission by 30%.
  • Patient has the right to ask about infection prevention methods used in healthcare facilities, and ask caregiver about cleanliness of his hands.
Official date:

Globally: October 16th -20th, 2022.

Locally: Rabi-Awal 20th-26th , 1444 H.

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