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World Lymphoma Awareness Day


Lymph glands are also known as lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are small bean-shaped masses. They are a group of cells that resembles a capsule of connective tissue. These lymph nodes are protein-producing cells and particles that act as filters, trapping viruses and bacteria. The lymphatic system filters the lymph flowing through the body. 
The lymph glands are located in groups across the body, and each group is concerned with a certain area of the body.  Swollen lymph nodes often occur in the neck, chin, armpits, or thighs.  Determining the area where the swelling occurs helps determine the cause of the swelling. 
Swollen lymph nodes often occur as a result of an infection.  Nevertheless, there are many reasons why lymph nodes swell. Treatment of a lymphatic inflammation often depends on the cause. 
The World Lymphoma Awareness Day (WLAD) is held on September 15 every year and is a day dedicated to raising awareness of lymphoma, an increasingly common form of cancer. 

The best way to prevent lymphoma is to raise health awareness about the disease and its symptoms. This would allow for an early diagnose, and hence, early and proper treatment. It can also help individuals avoid the causes of this type of cancer, like exposure to chemicals, and others.

  • Raise awareness about lymphoma.
Official date:
  • Globally: 15 September 2021
  • Locally: 8 Safar 1443H

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