Health Days 2021

World Immunization Week


World Immunization Week – celebrated in the last week of April (24 to 30 April) – aims to promote the use of vaccines to protect people of all ages against disease. Under the slogan (Vaccines Bring Us Closer), the 2021 World Immunization Week aims to reinforce the importance of vaccines in bringing individuals closer and improving the health and welfare of people everywhere. 
  • ​Immunization saves millions of lives every year and is widely recognized as one of the world’s most successful and cost-effective health interventions. Yet, there are still nearly 20 million children in the world today who are not getting the vaccines they need. Many of them also lose their vaccine-acquired immunity during adolescence, adulthood, and senility.  
  • Vaccines continue to be more advanced, bringing everybody closer to a world free of tuberculosis (phthisis), cervical cancer, and other diseases. They are also putting an end to childhood diseases like measles.
World Immunization Week objectives:
  • Boost vaccine confidence to maintain its acceptance among individuals, or increase it. 
  • Increase investment in vaccines, including routine vaccinations, to remove barriers to obtaining them.
While the world is shifting its attention to crucial new vaccines to protect against COVID-19, there is still a need for routine vaccines. It is essential to make sure people do not miss taking these vaccines. A large number of children was not vaccinated during the global pandemic, and this puts them at risk of developing serious diseases, such as: Measles and poliomyelitis. Moreover, incorrect information is circulated on the subject of vaccinations.  

Official Date:
Globally: 20-25/4/2021
Locally: 8-13/9/1442H

World Immunization Week Theme:

(Vaccines Bring Us Closer)

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