Health Days 2021

World Hemophilia Day


Hemophilia (also known as: blood thinners) is an inherited bleeding disorder in which the blood does not clot properly, which causes more bleeding. April 17 is the World Hemophilia Day. 

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected people with bleeding disorders. This is why everything that is relevant to bleeding disorders is an awareness objective on this day. 
  • Stress the importance of educational health to help hemophilia patients live with their illness, and avoid complications. 
  • Raise awareness and bring hemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders to the attention of policymakers and health professionals to increase sustainable and equitable access to care and treatment for patients, and spread awareness among them.
  • Emphasize the role of national and international health authorities in controlling hemophilia, and shed light on the importance of that aspect to help prevent increases in the cost of the treatment procedures of the growing number of patients.  
Official date:
  • Globally: 17/4/2021
  • Locally: 5/9/1442H.
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