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MOH Services Directory
    Service Competent Authority Service Type Form Procedure ​ Location for Submitting the Service
    Pre-marital Screening Communicable Diseases ​Paper​Accredited Premarital Screening Centers throughout the Kingdomlink
    Home Medicine VisitsHome Medicine Department PaperMedical Centerslink
    E-Verification of the Delivery of Expats’ Screening Results to the Passports AuthorityHospitalsHospitals and Dispensaries link
    Treatment Orders Inquiry Medical CommissionsOnline & PaperWebsite and Medical Commissions Departmentlink
    Medical Licenses for Hospitals Medical LicensesOnlineFormMOH Portallink
    Medical Licenses Forms and Procedures for Dispensaries Medical Licenses OnlineFormProcedureMOH Portallink
    Medical Licenses for IndividualsMedical Licenses OnlineMedical Licenses link
    Combating Drug AddictionMental HealthMental Health link
    Following Up Emergency Cases and Receiving Patients’ ComplaintsEmergency DepartmentPhoneVia Number 937link
    Research and Studies Research and Studies DepartmentPaperMOH Headquarter link
    Medical Licenses for PharmaciesMedical Licenses Online & Paper FormMOH Headquarter & Health Directorateslink
    Rehabilitating Disabled People and Providing Prosthetic LimbsMedical RehabilitationMedical Health Centerslink
    Genetic and Chronic Diseases ControlHospitalsHospitals & Medical Centerslink
    Health Facilities Infection Control Health Facilities Infection Control DepartmentOnline MOH Portallink
    Medical Licenses for Health FacilitiesMedical Licenses Online MOH Portallink
    Vaccinations ReminderPublic HealthOnline MOH Portallink
    Inquiry about Transactions Administrative Communications CenterOnlineMOH Portal link
    Inquiry about Travel BanMedical LicensesOnlineMOH Portallink
    Health Mobile (Awareness)Health AwarenessPhoneMOH Portal link
    Toll Free (Inquiries)Health Awareness Phone MOH Portal link
    Health Awareness CampaignHealth AwarenessPaperAll Health Facilitieslink
    Health Regulations for Travelers to KSA for for Umrah& Pilgrimage (Hajj)Public HealthPaperMOH Portal link
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