National E- Health Strategy

MOH’s E-Services and Sustainable Development
​The MOH’s E-Services and Their Impact on Sustainable Development
Service​ Description​ Impact on Sustainable Development​
Medical Licenses Service​ This e-service enables facilities and licensed persons to search for the medical licenses of facilities and individuals, in addition to information about them. It also allows searching for people licensed for health facility, as well as enquiring about travel ban, profession ban and medical licenses infringements.​
The e-services provided by the Ministry of Health (MOH) achieve the objectives of sustainable development, in terms of many advantages provided to the beneficiaries of these services electronically, including:
  • Ease of use and time-saving convenience.
  • No need to attend in-person to the headquarters for benefiting from the service.
  • Activating the E-Government Program and adopting a comprehensive transformation approach on providing the services in line with the Saudi Vision 2030.
  • Releasing pressure on the Ministry of Health, so as to assume its responsibilities and distribute roles.
  • Getting achievements and time-saving, by means of harnessing technology tools at work and developing its nature.
  • Meeting the employee’s welfare and satisfaction through easy procedures and speedy accomplishment.
  • Achieving the principle of e-transformation from paper to electronic transactions in a step, aimed at preserving the environment and reducing the consumption of natural resources.
  • Promoting service quality and focusing on beneficiaries, meanwhile shortening roles and procedures, as well as reducing financial costs.
  • Developing a strong central infrastructure to support the e-transformation of the MOH’s systems and services, and creating a common database for employees of the government sector.
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RFP e-Purchasing Service​
It is an e-service provides the ability of obtaining the request for proposal (RFP) related to the bids and tenders of the Ministry of Health (MOH). It enables companies to register, review bids and tenders, and purchase the bid requirements and specifications via “SADAD” Payment System. The service offers information about tenders, including the tender name, its description, the tendering date, the bidding deadline, the opening date of envelopes and the tender status.
GIS Service​

The Geographic Information System (GIS) comprises some services related to the geographical area, as geographic coordinates are used to search for a health facility by name and distance. The GIS features are also useful in this regard.

Vaccinations Reminder Service​ It is an e-service, meant to remind parents with the deadlines of the basic vaccinations against diseases targeted by immunization according to the MOH new vaccinations schedule, in terms of sending a reminding message of the vaccination date on the mobile phone or via e-mail by the vaccination child week, or via the smartphone apps on the page of MOH Apps for Smartphones.
E-Employment Services ​
The E-Employment services are divided into three services:
  1. Recruitment from Inside & Outside the Kingdom: It is reckoned an e-platform aiming at recruiting qualified cadres from inside and outside the Kingdom. It functions as a connecting link between job seekers and the employer (the Ministry of Health), through which the Ministry is searching for candidates for all specialties and administrative levels. It also enables carrying out tests as per the job requirements; in an endeavor to save time and select qualified cadres for the required job in a short period of time.
  2. The Self-Employment System: It is a high-tech web system, allowing persons wishing to work as part of the MOH staff; by means of submitting their employment applications through the system with no need to attend in-person to the Ministry’s headquarter. Thus, once the MOH announces job vacancies, via its external Portal, the job applicants can submit their applications, via the MOH Portal, provided that they create their own accounts on the Portal.
  3. Civil Service Employment System: It allows people, wishing to work at the Ministry of Health, to submit their employment applications online with no need to attend in-person to the MOH Headquarters. As soon as the MOH announces job vacancies, via its portal, people can submit their applications, via the MOH Portal, after creating an account on the portal, in order to follow up their application online. This service also interact with the user by his e-mail or mobile number, by means of sending text messages with the recent updates of his/her application on the mobile number recorded in his/her personal account.

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