National E- Health Strategy

Managing Change
EHealth will represent a new way of working in the Ministry of Health.  Change will evolve as new concepts, skills, processes, enablers, methods and solutions are adopted by Ministry leaders and staff, Health Regions, Hospital and Primary Care clinicians, nurses, allied health professionals, pharmacists, technicians, administrators, health records, Information Technology and other stakeholders.  The public will also need to be prepared for the changes to come.   For many stakeholders, it will be a time of learning, and capacity development.  Strong leadership, clear direction, efficient management, effective consistent communications and stakeholder support are key ingredients for successful and sustainable change.

The complexities of eHealth, and the magnitude and scope of people, process and technology change the MOH eHealth strategy represents builds a very strong case for creating an enterprise eHealth  Change Management Office, which will be part of the Strategy and Change Office.  Change Management is at the center of people, technology tools and business processes:

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