National E- Health Strategy

The Roadmap of Projects
The Ministry of Health (MOH) seeks to achieve tangible progress on the e-health field through its strategies which launched at the beginning of 2011 within a relatively short timeframe at two phases: each one extends for five years, the matter of which only few countries managed to achieve it.
Since there are more than 70 projects identified to achieve the e-health vision, it is obvious that not all of them can be achieved  at once: some projects are a higher priority to deliver results; some projects require the completion of other projects before they can begin; the scope of some projects, such as automating all 2,000+ Primary Healthcare Centers will take years; availability of skilled Healthcare IT resources is a challenge in a global economy where they are in short supply.. This dictates the need for a Roadmap, which will govern which projects and investments are done in what order.
In the same vein, MOH intends at the highest level to achieve its eHealth Vision Target State in a phased manner. Key target milestones, for early adopters, are defined at Years  3, 5, and 10 as depicted below:

The target state may change over time, however it is critical that eHealth initiatives and projects execute in the context of a defined target state. 

The Roadmap which has been reviewed by an international panel of eHealth experts, and has been approved by MOH Executive is shown below.  Further details of the projects affecting the public at Hospitals and PHC’s are provided in following sections.


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