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Program Overview
Since the inception of “Ada'a” Health program as a program with a corporate identity in 2017, it aims to improve performance, raise productivity of operational processes, and support the capabilities and knowledge of work teams at all levels, forming a team that covers all service paths to contribute to the improvement of these processes and enhance the ease of access to health services with reliable performance data and support for decision-making based on the information generated. The program was able to gain the confidence of the leaders and partners to be a source of that data through a set of interrelated and integrated performance indicators in a way that helps clarify and accurately improve the goals. All these goals can be achieved by creating and developing a culture of performance measurement, decision-making based on information, supporting continuous improvement projects, promoting a culture of change management and active investment in the human element.  Based on the tangible and clear impact of the program, it was expanded to cover all services and all Ministry of Health facilities, as well as most of the leading private sector facilities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. From here, the program began to move from improving operations directly to leading a package of national projects that target the health system, targeting the same impact and more with the support and cooperation of many local and international success partners.

Vision, Mission, and Values:
To be a reliable national partner, and a globally recognized leader in the development of healthcare performance; to be of high quality and efficiency.

A multidisciplinary professional team, united by the desire to advance healthcare efficiency at the national level by monitoring health performance and developing data inputs for improvement initiatives at the facility and system levels, to develop health outcomes.

  1. Flexibility.
  2. Credibility.
  3. Excellence.
  4. Innovation.
  5. Collaboration.

​​​​​“Ada’a” Health Award:

 “Ada’a” Health Program Award, that was launched in 2018 to create an interconnected, aims at creating an inspiring healthy and super competitive environment for the high quality of health services and the facilitation getting them, to the side of highlighting the efforts of our kingdom in supporting and developing the health system, to be in the ranks of advanced health systems in the world.  In addition to that, it aims to celebrate and shed light on national, regional, and international success stories, as well as the initiatives that take place during its session.  Throughout its previous editions, the award received a great deal of interest from all individuals and sectors interested in healthcare in the Kingdom and abroad and was able to attract many entries and success stories that contributed to the development of services and the improvement of health systems. Ada’a Health Award seeks to enrich the knowledge of health practitioners and those interested through studies and international best practices and highlighting the state-of-the-art health systems in the fields of telemedicine, research, and integrated care, as well as several knowledge fields in the field. The award is proud of its jury, which consists of several national and international experts with competence and specialization in various fields.
This year, the award is looking to enhance its international presence by attracting many international participations as possible, in addition to the national attention it already gained.

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