Registration data of Support groups for PLHIV and their caregivers

Support Groups for People Living with HIV and their Caregivers

This service is provided by the National AIDS Control Program (General Directorate for the Control of Infectious Diseases) under the umbrella of the Interest Groups Project, which is one of the primary health care development initiatives of the Primary Care Auxiliary Agency; An interest/support group is defined as a group that aims to link medical treatment and provide the need for emotional support through individuals who join it sharing their experiences and expertise with the disease and encouraging each other, thus acting as a bridge that connects the medical and emotional needs of that group.

The purpose of HIV support groups is to engage more people living with an HIV diagnosis to learn better ways to live with the virus and adhere to medications.

The initiative aims to strengthen the principle of community solidarity, and involve community members afflicted with chronic or rare diseases or their families with health care providers in the process of improving their physical, psychological and social health. and, enabling them (as an essential part of this process) to form groups for patients who share the same health condition or families of those infected, and to meet with each other in the presence of a guide with them, to guide them in regularly scheduled meetings and activities at a pre-determined location.
To join one of the support groups, send the following information via email allocated for your area:

  • The word "Subscriber"
  • Name.
  • The group you would like to join.

Patient data is kept confidential during registration and meetings

PlaceGender (male/Female) GuideE-mailRegion

Remotely via (zoom)
​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
​Mrs. Zeinab Al Dahneim

​Eastern Province

Mrs. Amnah Bajbeir




Mr. Fahd AlMesefry
Mr. Ali AlQurany



​Female​Mrs. Sabah AlHarbyEmail
​ ​Mrs. Ahd Alshaharany
Mrs. Renad
​ ​Riyadh

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