Support Groups

​​Support Groups is one of the primary healthcare development initiatives in the Assistant Agency for Primary Healthcare. The Support Group can be defined as a group that aims to link the medical treatment with the need for emotional support through the participation of such group members, in terms of sharing their experiences and disease expertise; thus serving as a bridge between the medical and emotional needs.
This initiative aims to promote social solidarity, engage patients with chronic or rare diseases and their families with health practitioners to improve their physical, psychological, and social conditions, in addition to empowering them, as an essential part of this process, to form support groups of patients suffering from same disease or their families. Members of these support groups would meet, share their experiences and provide psychological and social support to each other, in the presence of a health educator to guide them during their scheduled meetings and activities in a predetermined venue. 

To join one of these support groups, please send the following information via e-mail or SMS to the number of your Health Affairs Directorate:
  • The Word: «Subscriber»
  • Name
  • Desired support group
  • Name of the center or hospital

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