Support Groups


​​Support Group
​Hospital/ Center
​Eating disorders (digestion, anorexia) for mothers
Children’s Hospital



​Diabetes, women
​Al-Sharqiya Healthcare Center
​Diabetes, women
Awda Healthcare Center
​Hypertension, women
Al-Faisaliyah Healthcare Center
​Obesity, women
Wadi Wij Healthcare Center
​Diabetes, women
Al-Shohada North Healthcare Center​
​Skull deformities (Craniosynostosis)
​King Faisal Complex
​Adoption capabilities for schizophrenics (speech)
​Mental Health Hospital

To join a support group, send the following information via email or SMS to your area telephone number:

1- The word “Subscriber” 
2- Name
3- The group you wish to join
4- The name of the center or hospital

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