Digital Health Center of Excellence

​Who are we?

​T​he Digital Health Center of Excellence​ is one of the most prominent strategic initiatives launched by MOH in the fourth quarter of 2020 to support and enhance the capabilities of the health sector in the digital field. It is a response to the current circumstances and transformations in this field across the globe. Moreover, it creates an added value that improves the quality of the health services provided to beneficiaries to turn the Saudi Vision 2030 into a reality. 

The Center seeks to consolidate the concepts of virtual health care and enact regulations and legislation aimed at regulating and controlling them. It also works to develop the research environment by promoting innovation and investment, in addition to empowering health facilities and their staffs to provide the best virtual health care services and experience possible for beneficiaries.
Our vision: 
To turn the center into a model reference of the best digital health practices in the world.  

Our mission:
To reinforce adopting digital solutions in the health sector by regulating and directing solutions that suit the population health needs, and support research and innovation. The aim is to develop and invest in digital health capabilities in a way that enhances the quality of life of individuals and societies. 

Our values: 
  1. Guidance and empowerment
  2. Innovation
  3. Excellence
  4. Knowledge transfer
  5. Commitment (coordination)

The Center's strategic objectives: 
  1. Define and lead the strategic trend in the applications of digital health solutions. 
  2. Develop regulatory and legislative rules in digital health.
  3. Provide a safe environment (a regulatory experimental environment) to test the effectiveness and safety of digital health solutions.
  4. Stimulate the research and innovation environment in digital health.
  5. Build and develop human and technological capabilities in digital health. 
  6. Empower investors and entrepreneurs in the field of digital health technologies and solutions. 
  7. Build knowledge and exchange expertise in the field of digital health, both locally and internationally. ​

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