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​Proceeding from the approach of transparency adopted by the Ministry of Health (MOH), and seeking to provide accurate and reliable information, the Ministry hereby publishes its approved projects during the past fifteen years, as stipulated in the approved state budgets.

  1. Summary of the approved projects from 1420 to 1435H (available only in Arabic).
  2. The approved projects as of the fiscal year 1431/1432H till the fiscal year 1435/1436H (available only in Arabic).
  3. The approved projects as of the fiscal year 1425/1426H till the fiscal year 1430/1431H (available only in Arabic).
  4. The approved projects as of the fiscal year 1420/1421H till the fiscal year 1424/1425H (available only in Arabic)​.

The Ministry is pleased to publish for the public the details of the Royal Decree No. A/66, dated 18/3/2011 (corresponding to 13/04/1432H), with regard to the establishment of 5 medical cities in the Kingdom. These cities are:

1. King Fahad Medical City in Riyadh

2. King Abdullah Medical City in Makkah

3. King Khalid Medical City in the Eastern Region

4. King Faisal Medical City for serving the Southern Region

5. Prince Muhammad Bin Abdulaziz Bin Abdulrahman Al Saud Medical City for serving the kingdom's Northern Regions.

  • To view the Royal Decree concerning the establishment of the 5 medical cities (available only in Arabic), click here.​ 

Besides, MOH is further pleased to publish the details of the Royal Order No. 22005, dated 21/4/2013 (corresponding to 11/06/1434H), concerning the financial support needed to establish 22 new hospitals in the Kingdom (adding 7,400 new beds), which are as follows:


Serial No. Hospital Bed Capacity
1​ ​Ranyah Hospital in Makkah ​200 beds
​2 ​Al-Khurmah Hospital in Makkah ​200 beds​
​3 ​Al-Qunfudah Hospital in Makkah ​500 beds​
​4 ​Maternity and Children Hospital in Al Madinah ​400 beds
​5 ​A hospital in Badr Province, Madinah ​200 beds​
​6 ​A hospital in Almajmaáh ​300 beds​
​7 ​A hospital in Sharourah ​300 beds​
​8 ​Al Qitaá Al Jabaly Hospital in Jazan ​300 beds​
​9 ​Maternity and Children Hospital in Mahayel Asir ​200 beds​​
​10 ​Al Qatif Hospital ​500 beds​
11​ ​A hospital in Al Ahsa Province ​500 beds​
12​ ​A hospital in west Dammam ​500 beds​
​13 ​Medical Complex in Riyadh ​1000 beds​
​14 ​Medical Complex in Jeddah ​1000 beds​
​15 ​Al Qahmah and Al Barak Hospital in Asir ​300 beds​
16​ ​Growth and behavior disorders center in Riyadh
​17 ​Growth and behavior disorders center in Makkah
​18 ​Growth and behavior disorders center in the East Region
​19 ​Turobah Hospital in Makkah ​100 beds
​20 ​Al Mahd Hospital in Madinah ​200 beds​
21​ ​Khamis Mushait Hosptal in Asir ​500 beds
​22 ​East Asir Hospital ​200 beds​


  • To view the financial support for the establishment of 22 new hospitals in the Kingdom (available only in Arabic), click here.








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