Key Health Indicators
2009 Health Indicators

The Health Indicators Bulletin covers a myriad of health-related demographic and economic indicators that highlight the paramount progress achieved by the Kingdom at all health levels. It also states accurate numbers and percentages of hospitals and other health facilities established over the past years. Moreover, it provides accurate statistics on physicians and their specialties, as well as an estimate of the population.

Following are the 2009 Health Indicators:​​​​​ 

Health Indicators
Demographic Indicators
Area 2000.000 km
Indicator Population
25,373 Total Population (Per 1000 People)
73.1 % Percentage of the Saudi Population of Total Population
26.9 % Percentage of non Saudi Population of Total Population
2.2 % Average Population Growth Rate
11.56 % Percentage of  Population Under age 5
31.97 % Percentage of  Population Under age 15
2.81 % Percentage of  Population Over age 65
51.7 % Percentage of women in the age group (15 - 49 years) of the total women population
49.9 % Percentage of Total  Saudi women Population
Economic Indicators
14550 Per Capita Gross National Product (by U.S. Dollars)
5.6 % ??MOH Budget (% of Governmental Budget)
271 MOH Expenditure per Capita (by U.S. Dollars)
Health Resources Indicators
Number Facilities
244 MOH Hospitals
39 Other Governmental Hospitals
125 Private Sector Hospitals
408 Total Number of Hospitals in KSA
33277 Beds in MOH Hospitals
10822 Beds in Other Governmental Hospitals
11833 Beds in Private Sector Hospitals
55932 Total Number of Beds in KSA
2037 MOH Health Centers
1944 Private Collected Units
217 Private Clinics
274 First Aid centers
1097 First Aid  Ambulances
Number of Private Colleges Number of Government Colleges Colleges of Medicine and Medical Sciences
5 16 Colleges of Medicine
7 8 Colleges of Dentistry
6 11 Colleges of Pharmacy
18 51 Colleges of Medical Sciences
Rate Rates per 10.000 Population
21.8 Physicians
2.9 Dentists
5.9 Pharmacists
43.7 Nurses
23.5 Allied Health Personnel
0.8 Primary Health Care Centers
17.38 Beds in Governmental Hospitals
4.66 Beds in Private Sector Hospitals
22.04 Beds in Hospitals in KSA
Rate Rates per 10.000 Population for MOH
10.2 Physicians
1.01 Dentists
0.65 Pharmacists
24.9 Nurses
12.8 Allied Health Personnel
13.1 Beds
Health Workforce Indicators
Number MOH
25832 Physicians
2551 Dentists
1654 Pharmacists
63297 Nurses
32360 Allied Health Personnel
Number Other Governmental Facilities
12304 Physicians
978 Dentists
1511 Pharmacists
24253 Nurses
18650 Allied Health Personnel
Number Private Sector
16767 Physicians in Hospitals
381 Physicians in Private Clinics
3826 Dentists in Hospitals
55 Dentists in Private Clinics
1225 Pharmacists in Hospitals
10553 Pharmacists in Private Pharmacies
23308 Nurses
8608 Allied Health Personnel
Number Total Health Workforce in KSA
55284 Physicians
7410 Dentists
14943 Pharmacists
110858 Nurses
59618 Allied Health Personnel
Percentage of Saudi Employees in Different Health Sectors
22.6 Physicians
50.3 Nurses
85.5 Allied Health Personnel
% Other Governmental Facilities
48.8 Physicians
11.9 Nurses
55.8 Allied Health Personnel
% Private Sector
4.9 Physicians
4.8 Nurses
14.7 Allied Health Personnel
% Total Health Workforce in KSA
23.1 Physicians
32.3 Nurses
65.3 Allied Health Personnel
Health Activities Indicators
Number MOH
54.6 Total Visits to Health Centers (by Million)
11.4 Total Visits to Outpatients Clinics(by Million)
1,655,051 Total Number of Inpatients in the Hospitals
444,088 Surgeries
131.2 Laboratory Investigations (by Million)
5.3 Radiology Investigations (by Million)(Number of Patients)
Number Health Activities in all Health Sectors in the Kingdom
131 Total Visits to Health Centers and  Outpatients Clinics (by Million)
3,042,465 Total Number of Inpatients in the Hospitals
929,403 Surgeries
232.5 Laboratory Investigations (by Million)
13.7 Radiology Investigations (by Million) (Number of Patients)
5.2 Average of Visits for one Person  per Year
12 Average of Inpatients/100 People  per Year
Vital Statistics Indicators
Rate Vital Statistics
23.7 Crude Birth Rate /1000 People 
3.9 Crude Death Rate /1000 People 
Average of Life expectancy at Birth
72.5 Male (By Years)
74.7 Female (By Years)
73.5 All (By Years)
3.04 Total Fertility Rate
17.3 Infant Mortality Rate  Per 1000 Live Births
20 Under-Five Mortality Rate Per 1000 Live Births
14.3 Maternal Mortality Rate Per 100000 Live Births
Health Indicators
Indicator Morbidity
7.45 Low Birth Weight %
Incidence Rates / 100.000 Pop.
0 Poliomyelitis
0.1 Whooping Cough
0.32 Measles
10.95 Tuberculosis (TB)
0.02 Tetanus (All Ages)
0.02 Tetanus  (Neonatal / 1000 Live birth)
Mortality Indicators
Most frequent causes of death classified according to the International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision (ICD-10)
% Disease Groups
18.35 Injury, Poisoning and External Causes
17.39 Dis. Circulatory System
8.51 Cond. Orig..Perinatal Period
4.67 Dis. Respiratory System
4.59 Neoplasms
3.26 Infect & Parasitic  Diseases
3.24 Dis. Genitourinary System
2.47 Congenital Anomalies
2.28 Endocrine. Nutr. Metab  Diseases
1.92 Dis.Digestive System.
Ministry of Health (MOH)
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia​
General Directorate of Statistics
 Tel: 01 4038773
Fax: 01 4027197

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