Healthcare Licensing Services

​​It is a unified and comprehensive system of all healthcare licensing services, which are characterized by direct technical integration with all relevant government bodies. This system features the following services​:
  1. Preliminary Approval for Health Facility Licensing Service: This service enables investors to obtain the initial approval from the Ministry of Health (MOH) to start any health activity automatically.
  2. Final Approval for Health Facility Licensing Service: ​​​This service enables investors and existing health facilities to issue, renew, cancel, and transfer ownership, as well as modifyin​g data for health facility licenses automatically.
  3. Health Professions Licensure Service: This service enables health facilities in the Kingdom to issue, renew and cancel health practitioners license electronically within only 30 seconds.​
  4. Health Practitioner Secondment Service: This service enables health facilities of the private sector to assign their health practitioners from a place to another through an integrated e-system, without the need to attend the Ministry of  Health (MOH) or its affiliates. Hence, the private sector practitioner can legally assume his new tasks and responsibilities, after the secondment request is approved through the system.

How to Get the Service?
You can get the service through registration via «Seha» platform.

Service Prerequisites:
The health institution must be registered in «Seha» platform, and has a valid license.

Estimated Response Time:
It is an instant 24/7 service.

Service Fees:
You can find all the fees and details in the Healthcare Investor Licensing Guide - 2020. (Available only in Arabic)

Help and Contacts:
You can contact us via this e-mail or call center: 920002005 (from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)

Alternative Channels for Service Assessment:
The service can be assessed 24/7 by 937 Call Center.

Kindly, note that this service is available only in Arabic.
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