Transformation to Electronic Transactions

​Government e-Payment Collection Service

​The Ministry of Health (MOH) has adopted the Government e-Payment Collection Service, to collect all the Ministry’s imbursements electronically. MOH has launched this service by virtue of the Cabinet Decision no. 172, dated 25/5/1428AH, that stipulated, in Article (4) thereof, that “any automated program, implemented by any government agency to collect the State revenues, shall be in line with ‘Sadad System’, currently being developed by the Ministry of Finance (MOF), in coordination with the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA), [and that] any existing public payment collection program shall be linked to the said system.”

As one of the digital solutions deployed by MOH, the Government e-Payment Collection Service is meant to boost work efficiency, reduce potential human errors, and advance government payment collection tools in a manner commensurate with the Saudi Vision 2030. To that end, the Ministry seeks to embrace the highest governance criteria while developing and applying such digital solutions, and maintain oversight of public money.

Objectives of the Government e-Payment Collection Service include:
  1. Raising collected revenues, by making payment easier;
  2. Enabling payment at any time;
  3. Transforming government payments from a traditional to an electronic method;
  4. Accelerating payment of bills and service fees;
  5. Auditing aggregate deposits with the Sadad System administration;
  6. Automatically auditing payments and revenues with all health directorates, medical cities, and MOH’s specialist hospitals in an easy way;
  7. Limiting the auditing process to the MOH and the payment collection portal ‘Tahseel’;
  8. Automatically auditing the e-payment processes on a daily basis.

Payments covered by this service include:
  1. Fines imposed on suppliers;
  2. Out-of-payroll payments to employees;
  3. Medical licensing fees.


Last Update : 17 June 2021 09:52 AM
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